Ski Weekend Paradise at Chalet Village in Gatlinburg

When it’s Winterfest in November and December, Winter belongs to the Smokies. When it’s Winterfest in January and February (and even some of March), Winter belongs to Ober Gatlinburg. The city’s iconic amusement park has ruled the scene for pre-holiday and post-holiday seasonal sports fun with its famous and unique amenities allowing it to be the only place for miles around where you can snowboard, ski, ice skate and more whether it’s snowing outside or not!

Ober Gatlinburg offers the following onsite Winter sports items:
* Professional Ski Slope
* Professional Snowboard Park
* Snowtubing Slides
* Indoor Ice Skating Rink
* Onsite Ski Instruction School
* Onsite Tuning Ski and Snowboard Tuning Shop
* Onsite Equipment and Clothing Rental
* Restaurant and Ski Lodge-style accommodations for relaxation after and in-between thrilling excursions down those Smoky Mountain slopes!

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Ober Gatlinburg is on the same mountain that all of our cabins and chalets are on and, naturally, this means December-February is often a big time where we see folks come to Gatlinburg to get the Ski weekend they’ve been waiting months for. They can get to the park to indulge in Winter Sports until their limbs feel like they’re made of rubber and then get to their luxury vacation chalet for hot cocoa, hot food, hot tubs and more amenities that will warm those bodies and relax the muscles in the greatest of ways in less than 15 minutes. It’s like having a ski park just down the road from you.

If you’d like to find the perfect ski weekend accommodations for you this Winter, contact us today and let’s find which of our cabins best suits your needs.