Attractions For The Imagination

When you’re on vacation in the Smokies, the mind looks forward to taking a needed break from the routine of your life and getting large bursts of new stimuli to enrich its health and your memories. These attractions near Chalet Village will do just that. Take a look at these recommendations:

  • Dollywood – The second most popular attraction in the Smoky Mountains besides the National Park itself, Dollywood is world famous for more than just Dolly Parton’s involvement with the park, Dollywood is famous for being a huge, high quality amusement celebrating Appalachian culture, the seasons of the year, and even the nations around the world during their perennial Grand Opening with Festival of the Nations. Dozens of rides, multiple theaters performing shows almost around the clock, many shops and other worthwhile items await all who come to visit.
  • MagiQuest – A fantasy role-playing game has come to life in Pigeon Forge next to Mellow Mushroom on the parkway – an interactive medieval magic fun zone where dragons, pixies, wizards and such, like a video game you can actually travel inside of!
  • Wonderworks – This upside down labyrinth of scientific insanity is no joke – you might not be the same person coming out as the one that went in! All KINDS of crazy interactive fun stuff: a bicycle that rides in upside down loops, natural disaster simulators, a rollercoaster experience you build yourself and a real life psychic duel chamber. Only at
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – Give your mind one heck of a workout at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in center downtown Gatlinburg. Hundreds of genuine oddities and interactive fun stuff from every corner of the planet in every epoch of history await you and your family.
  • World of Illusions – Magic tricks and head games at the corner of Reagan Terrace. Dracula will appear and transform in front of your very eyes, ancient Chinese sorcery will defy the laws that hold our world together, and you can even make your own tornado! Bring the kids and make the Illusions come alive.
  • Ripley’s Haunted Adventure – Whether you come for Halloween, Spring, Fourth of July or the end of the world, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure will give you some of the biggest scares of your life. Take a tour through a disturbing canal of death that used to be the Grimsby and Streaper Casket Company here in town and you won’t soon forget it; no matter how hard you try.
  • Mysterious Mansion – Gatlinburg’s oldest haunted house built on the site of an area known to locals to gather spirits (it is reported to be genuinely haunted), Mysterious Mansion glows in the night like a bad omen and glowers in the daytime to all who venture near it. Visit next time you’re in town, but don’t visit alone!
  • Guinness World of Records Museum – Consider this to a compliment to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum. Also owned and managed by Ripley’s, Guinness World is a sister site where you can indulge in more interactive weirdness and awesome displays of official incredulity like the world’s tallest man, the world’s fattest woman, the longest jump by a human being and much more. The world’s most incredible display of dominos and much more!
  • Appalachian Ghostwalks – Are you into the darker side of the night? Got a thing for local folklore? Come check out the Appalachian Ghostwalks of Gatlinburg where you can experience remnants of the seedy past and relive the mysteries that quite literally haunt the mountains. Some people have even captured ghosts on film (this writer included!)
  • Ripley’s Marvelous Maze and Candy Factory – The old school fun of the Maze house comes back alive to electrifying effect here in Gatlinburg at the Ripley’s Marvelous Maze and Candy Factory. Featuring 2,000 square feet of mirrors, maze, lights, sounds, dead ends, corners, surprises and circles, this is not just a typical funhouse dirge. This is serious mazery going on here. The Marvelous Maze and Candy Factory comes early on the Gatlinburg strip, right next to the Mountain Mall and features so many different, colliding factors and choices that no trip through will be the same twice. And at the end? A colorful, customizable assortment of candy. Fun for the whole family!