Where Can We Stay and See the Black Bears in Gatlinburg?

So many people ask, where can we stay to see Black Bears in Gatlinburg? While we can never promise a bear sighting just like we can’t promise sunshine, we can increase your chances when you stay in the Chalet Village area of Gatlinburg.

We see many bears at our office which is located at the main corner of Chalet Village in Gatlinburg. Ski Mountain Road and Wiley Oakley cross section is where the Chalet Village Cabins office is located. We have been at this famous corner in Gatlinburg for more years than we care to count but yet are proud of! When it is the old fashion Gatlinburg you crave, stay with us!  We are a family owned business that offers individual customer service to our cabin guests. We want you to have an awesome vacation, we keep our maintenance staff on hand and on call and we keep our homes in tip top shape for an awesome experience.

But where do you see the bears? Possibly in the road? Possibly on your deck?  These bears have been spotted at the South Baden Clubhouse of the Chalet Village Owner’s Club which every guest of Chalet Village Properties gets a free pass to enjoy. Bears are often seen at the North Clubhouse, Upper Alpine Clubhouse and as shown here the South Baden Clubhouse.

The Black Bears are still the #1 attraction in Gatlinburg. 30 years later we are still in awe every time we have a bear spotting. We find the families to be awesome to watch, we see many momma bears and their cubs.  Please be considerate of the wildlife you will in the National Park and in Chalet Village.  We are quite honored to share this area with them, we are pretty lucky we want to keep them well.  Do Not Feed.  Keep Your Distance – at least 50 feet, Keep Your Trash in the Bear Proof Containers provided.

Have Fun and we hope you see a bear!